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Djokovic insists ‘Nadal will always be biggest rival’ despite ‘fresh energy’ Alcaraz brings – video

Novak Djokovic has praised the world no 2, Canrlos Alcaraz, for playing at a ‘great level’ but admitted that Rafael Nadal would ‘always be his biggest rival’. He said of Alcaraz that ‘it’s amazing that he’s able to find the top level right away. That’s actually a characteristic of a mature player, of someone that has an experience which he doesn’t have so much experience, but he’s showing maturity very early on’ and added that he ‘deserves all his success’. Despite his high praise however, when questioned on his biggest rival Djokovic replied: ‘I just feel Nadal, you know, the rivalry with Nadal is something that is difficult to eliminate just because someone is doing great things in the last year and a half, You know, Nadal has been the biggest rival and probably will remain the biggest rival.


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